Who are the guardians?

A well-known Belarusians, an organization or initiative that takes a person in custody under its patronage.

Anna Zlatkovskaya

Writer, journalist, columnist.

Guardianship of:
Alexey Borisovich Ivanisov

Katerina Pytleva

TV and radio presenter, journalist and program director of "Malanka Media".

Sergei Besarab

Belarusian scientist in the field of colloid chemistry, popularizer of science. Creator of the Telegram channel dedicated to radiation, chemical and biological safety, civil defense.

Guardianship of:
Artem Yurievich Boyarsky

Valery Ruselik

Media activist, journalist, blogger, author of the Youtube channel "Daroha".

Guardianship of:
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Dedok

Alina Kovshik

Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet for National Revival.

Guardianship of:
Igor Vladimirovich Olinevich

Vitaut Siuchyk

Journalist for independent media in Belarus, employee of BELSAT.

Guardianship of:
Denis Yevgenievich Ivashin

Alisa Ryzhechenko

Activist, expert, works with various Belarusian initiatives and implements her own projects for civil society, promotes the issues of political prisoners and human rights violations in Belarus in Austria

Dmitry Furmanov

Former political prisoner, human rights activist

Nasta Bazar

Feminist and queer-grassroots activist, lecturer, speaker, creator of the Belarusian hub in Kyiv, member of the fem-group of the Coordinating Council.

Sabina Alieva

Tribuna journalist and Youtube-host of the Country for Life channel

Guardianship of:
Artem Igorevich Kosakovsky

Olga Gorbunova

Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet on social issues.

Guardianship of:
Galina Ivanovna Derbysh

Vadim Mozheiko

Political analyst and consultant, journalist, PhD. Analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS, Lithuania) and board member of the Belarusian Association of Research Centers (BARC).

Nadzeja Nortan

Political and civil activist, leader of the Belarusians of San Francisco, member of the Coordinating Council and the Association of Belarusians in America.

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Famous Belarusians have become guardians for our political prisoners!