Vitaly Astreika
Political prisoners
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In custody: 937 days
Hometown: Minsk
Address for letters: No information
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As it was established during the preliminary investigation, from July to September 2021, Vitaliy Ostreiko allegedly posted several publications in the Telegram messenger using a mobile phone with deliberately false information about Lukashenko’s activities. Moreover, a number of comments he left were offensive and humiliating.

It is known that Ostreyko was detained on September 29, 2021, along with many other people who left comments on social networks about the death of Andrei Zeltser and a KGB officer.

The consideration of the political prisoner’s case began in the court of the Moskovsky district of Minsk on November 18, 2022. Human rights activists are clarifying the decision.

Vitaly was kept in pre-trial detention center No. 1, and then in investigative prison No. 8.

On March 16, 2023, Vitaly was tried again in the Minsk District Court, this time under Art. 369 of the Criminal Code (Insulting a representative of authority). The verdict is unknown.

It is still unknown where the political prisoner was transferred.

Trial outcome 16.03.2023:


After the sentence comes into effect, it is only possible to write letters to a prisoner. According to article 85 of the Penal Enforcement Code, prisoners cannot receive money transfers from persons who are not family members. Parcels are also only possible from relatives. If you want to help, help families directly, if this option is available on the prisoner's card.
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