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Vadim Baranov
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In custody: 181 days
Hometown: Mazyr
Date of birth 24.03.1995
Address for letters: SIZO-3, Gomel, ul. Knizhnaya 1A, 246144
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He is an employee of the «Mozyr Oil Refinery»‎. Vadim once worked at the «Mozyr oil refinery»‎, and then left for Poland.

For the first time, employees of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption detained him right at home after returning to Belarus — for allegedly going to rallies in 2020, and after the war began, photographing military equipment and sending pictures to telegram channels.

According to human rights activists, when Vadim was detained, they beat him, seized his phone and spoiled his documents. After restoring the documents and re-obtaining a Polish visa, Mozyryanin went to the police station to find out the fate of the seized phone. There he was detained again and six protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up, and then a criminal case was opened under the article.

Trial outcome:

3 years of imprisonment in a penal colony of strict regime.

After the sentence comes into effect, it is only possible to write letters to a prisoner. According to article 85 of the Penal Enforcement Code, prisoners cannot receive money transfers from persons who are not family members. Parcels are also only possible from relatives. If you want to help, help families directly, if this option is available on the prisoner's card.
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