Sergey Olegovich Chizh
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Sergey Olegovich Chizh
Political prisoners
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In custody: 98 days
Hometown: Hrodna
Date of birth 19.10.1980
Number of children: 2 children
Family members: Tatiana Vikentievna Chizh
Address for letters: Released pending appeal
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Penal labor facility
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Sergei and his wife were detained in November 2023. Before the trial, Sergei was in custody, and Tatyana was under recognizance, since the family had two minor children.

According to the prosecution , in August 2020, Sergei and Tatyana took part in an unauthorized mass event, together with the protesters they marched through public places in the city, the central square, and Zhilibert Park. At the same time, they showed a pre-made poster measuring approximately 2.5 x 3 meters, on which a text containing slanderous information against the president was written in black and red colors, thereby deliberately spreading slanderous information against him in connection with his execution powers of the head of state.

The accused Sergei Chizh fully admitted his guilt at the court hearing. He explained that the poster was heavy, and it was soon rolled up, and after the procession, Sergei burned it.

Tatyana Chizh did not admit guilt to the charges, explaining that she was depressed due to the serious illness of her mother, who is disabled.

They were identified from photographs from the Internet.

Trial outcome 26.02.2024:

3 years of restriction of freedom with referral to an open institution.

Involved in repression
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