Kristina Alexandrovna Cherenkova
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Kristina Alexandrovna Cherenkova
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In custody: 625 days
Hometown: Mazyr
Date of birth 23.04.1990
Guardian: Katerina Pytleva
Address for letters: IK-4, ul. Antoshkina, 3, 246035, Gomel
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She's Anti-racist.

According to the channels supporting the current government in the Republic of Belarus, she was detained under a criminal article.

On her Instagram page, which had almost 15 thousand subscribers, Kristina published photos dedicated to subcultural fashion, did not hide her political views. And after Putin's attack on Ukraine, she used her account to express anti-war slogans.

On the first day of the trial on November 10, 2022, Kristina refused to testify, so her testimony was read out during interrogations at the trial. Kristina explained that in August 2020, the police detained her husband's parents, they were beaten. Therefore, she began to have a negative attitude towards the police.

The prosecution representative at the hearing demanded 3 years in prison.

Trial outcome 16.11.2022:

2,5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony of general regime.

After the sentence comes into effect, it is only possible to write letters to a prisoner. According to article 85 of the Penal Enforcement Code, prisoners cannot receive money transfers from persons who are not family members. Parcels are also only possible from relatives. If you want to help, help families directly, if this option is available on the prisoner's card.
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